Who are we ?
Very experienced exchangers, we do like to exchange with foreigners (we made around 40 swaps since 1988 !). We were for a long time onlty members of Intervac (international home exchange), we are now Homelink members too.

We understood quickly exchanges were not only an economic solution but a way of behaving in foreign countries differently from most of tourists. We often choose to live in less crowded places than historic burroughs, sometimes in isolated ones, living the life of the locals.

We are also members of Trustedhousesitters & Nomador organizations, as sometimes we like to travel not knowing precisely where we'll go. And then, we do need to find house/pet sitters to keep our cat at home

 Ex smokers, we tolerate smokers as long as they do smoke outside the house.

Vincent used to work for the french ministery of culture, he was in charge of light designing on historical monuments belonging to the state (cathedrals, Mont St Michel, Chateau de Chambord etc.)

I was involved in architecture & town planning.

We don't work anymore now and may  travel all year long. We love that !


light designer


speaks english, spanish and italian


Nuage, our white border collie, passed away in june 2020, so you will only have to look after our black cat

 Zig just needs to be fed and cuddled, he may sleep outside (when it's warm).

if our swap is non simultaneous, you'll have the ground flat (much bigger : 105m²) and the garden all yours.
But Zig might visit you...