Our experiences since 1988

We have exchanged our homes around 40 times. For short stays (long weekends), a few weeks or a month when we've crossed the Atlantic.

We have rented sometimes another member's home, or ours, when we lived in Paris and had a country home in Touraine. Now that we own only one house, in Provence, we may accept -occasionally-  to rent one floor while we stay at home as the 2  floors are totally independent with distinct entrances (one in the courtyard, the other one in the garden).
We can also welcome people if we organize a non simultaneous swap. The house organization is perfect for that.

Almost our our swaps were very nice. We've kept contacts with some foreign exchangers who became good friends over the years.

We've even experienced pets and house sitting : our home and animals have been looked after while we were away ! We refuse to put our pets  in a kennel, they are too unhappy, unless you are really afraid to take our puppy? Tahoe in charge, in that case we shall find out a solution. Our cat always stays at home. He may live outside, Zig only needs to be fed and cuddled.

The only thing we do NOT do anymore is exchanging cars. Due to a very bad experience in Canada...
Rules and laws are different here and there, and in France any transgression may have very bad consequences on our driving licences. It's pretty hard once exchangers have gone back to their country to explain the police we were not the drivers when our  car has been flashed overspeed or with the driver speaking on a mobile phone (which is forbiden)!

We rather prefer families ready to look after our cat, other wise the swap can be non simultaneous and Zig will stay by us. On the first flloor, totally independent. Unfortunately our beloved dog passed away in june 2020. 

Where did we go the last 32 years ?
Austria (Wien) Belgium (Brussels), Canada (Victoria, Vancouver, Prince Edward island, Shelburne, Montreal, Mansonville), Denmark (Aarhus),  Eire (Dublin, Galway), England (London -4 times- & New forest, Norwich), France ( Ile de Ré, Carpentras, Penm'arch, Nice), Greece (Skopelos, Andros), Holland (Amsterdam 3 times),  Italy (Rome -twice-  and Naples), Norway ( Tromsö), Scotland (Edinburgh), Spain (Barcelona, L'Escala and Las Negras -twice-, Seville & Mojacar), Sweden (Stockholm, Gotland, Kalmar), (Switzerland (Champex), USA (Los angeles, Corte Madera, Carmel, New York, Long island, Lake tahoe)  

Londres (England)


Champex (Switzerland)


Long island (USA)

Tromsö (Norway)

Tahoe (USA)

Lake Tahoe (USA)

Shelburne (Canada)

Carmel valley (USA)

Carmel valley (USA)

Vancouver (Canada)

Vancouver (Canada)

Corte Madera (USA)

Vienne (Austria)

Naples (Italy)

Naples (Italy)

Victoria (Canada B.C)

Victoria (Canada)

Ile de Ré (France)

Galway (Eire)

Las negras (Spain)

Las Negras (Spain)

Mojacar (Spain)

Gotland (Sweden)

Stockholm (Sweden)

Kalmar (Sweden)

Rome (Italy) 

St Felix de Kingsey (Québec)

Mansonville (Québec)

La Escala (Spain)

Edinburgh (Scotland)
Amsterdam (Holland)